To Schedule a Session @ The Shoot: Call The Barn 248-349-0117

Where Can I View The Shoot Schedule: On our calendar, which is always up to date.

What is the Cost of a Session @ The Shoot: The current rate is $20/hr. with a 2 hour minimum. This is for the exclusive rights to our indoor space for your rented time period. Our outdoor space and props are also included but not exclusive to your rental. We reserve the right to book additional shoots in our outdoor space that may overlap with yours.

Can I Book the Entire Barn Exclusively? Yes, If you would like to book the indoors, outdoors and props for exclusive use during your time period the cost is $60/Hr. There is no minimum time for this rate. Your deposit will be $60, your first hours use.

Do I Need to Schedule a Session? We ask that all photographers call The Barn to schedule all sessions, whether you’re shooting indoors or out. You may walk-in, if we have an opening we will be happy to accommodate your shoot.

What are the (1) and (2) on Your Calendar? The photographer who books first will have a (1) behind their name. This indicates they have exclusive rights to the indoor space during their session. In addition they have access to all props and the outdoors. A photographer with a (2) behind their name is the second shooter on the property. This means they have no access to the indoor space, unless permission is granted by the primary photography. The second shooter has access to the outdoors and all props.

What if We Want to Use the Same Props? We ask that all photographers work with each other respectfully. There may be 2 or 3 photographers using our property at one time. Through good communication and mutual respect we feel everyone can work together to accomplish all that each shooter would like. This includes sharing of shooting spaces and the use of props. We hope to create a diverse community of photographers who are all deeply respectful of the craft and each other.

How Long is a Session? Our sessions are 50 minutes long. All sessions end at 10 minutes to the hour. This gives you ample time to pack up your belongings and return all props to our shoot area inside The Barn. This applies to all shoots with a session directly after yours or that end at closing time. If there is no shoot scheduled after yours and it is not closing time, please feel free to continue until the end of your hour.

Is There a Deposit? Yes. We require your first two hours rent ($40, non-refundable) in order to secure your session time. Any remaining balance can be paid upon completion of your session.

Can I Pay Over the Phone? Yes. We can accept a credit card over the phone for the deposit.

What If I Get Rained Out or My Client Cancels? If you give us 24 hours notice we will gladly reschedule your shoot and move your deposit to the new date. If there is a no-show, no-call we will retain the deposit and will not be able to reschedule the shoot.

What do I Need to do When I Arrive for My Session? We ask that all photographers simply check in at the front desk upon arrival. This way we can keep track of who’s on our property at all times.

Can I arrive early to scout locations or set up? This is permissible but we ask that you check the online schedule for other shoots that may be going on before you. If there are shoots before you, please be courteous of their rental time. If there is nothing before you, feel free to come and setup as early as needed.

Do I Have Access to Any Props? Yes! We have an entire section dedicated to vintage props for your shoots. You are also welcomed and encouraged to make use of anything we currently have for sale. We do have some dealers on our second floor and we ask that you do not use any of their merchandise. If you have a particular piece in mind, please ask our staff and they will inform you as to whether or not it is ok for use.

Are the Props Always Available? There will always be props available. The props available may vary and no prop is guaranteed to be in stock at your given time. We rent our props for off site shoots from time to time. Some items, particularly our upholstery, may not be available all the time. Contact us ahead of time if you are depending on a certain prop to see if it will be available. To guarantee a prop’s availability we do offer specific reservations for a fee.

Is There Anyone to Help Carry Props? Please plan on moving your own props. Bring help with you or clients may help. It is possible we will have staff on hand that can help but it is not always the case. Photographers are responsible for creating  any vignette they’d like to use. Please take this into account when scheduling your session. You may not have early access to your space, the first 1/2 hour of your session may need to be set aside to set up.

Do You Have Lighting? No, we do not offer lighting at this time.

What are Your Hours? Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm. If you need before or after hours please ask our staff, we can sometimes accommodate those requests.

Can I Come Early or Stay Late? Unless you have worked it out with staff beforehand, we cannot open early or close later for your shoot. If you have scheduled a shoot at open (10am M-Sa, 11am Sun) please take into consideration that you will not have access to The Barn or the property earlier than the open time, please take this into consideration when scheduling your clients. This also applies to end of hours shoot times (5:50pm M-Sa, 4:50pm Sun.) We ask that you have all props back inside The Barn and wrap up your session by 5 minutes to the hour.

What if the Weather Isn’t Good? You may reschedule your Shoot and apply your existing deposit to the new date. We cannot refund any deposits.

Who Can I Contact with Questions? Please contact The Barn (248.349.0117) with any questions.


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